Power your devices with solar energy


Harness solar energy for your devices

Voltzy Solar a boost of energy!

Built with water-resistant solar panels, Voltzy Solar can charge your Voltzy Powerbank and all of your device with the power of the sun! Never worry about running out a charge.

Learn more how to harness solar energy today.


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3-Way USB Cable

Have an iPhone, Android, or a USB-C device?

Then there's a good chance you could use a 3-way high-grade USB cable that charges all your devices all at once. Just connect it to your Voltzy Powerbank for a solar charge!

Stay prepared for anything with fully powered devices.



We know sometimes "life happens." Whether you're accident-prone or leave Voltzy in a flash flood, we offer an extended 3-Year Warranty for your Voltzys.

Voltzy Solar